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For best longevity, keep away from heating/cooling vents, radiators, and spaces where conditions will dry out fresh botanicals. Mist periodically. Keep out of direct sunlight. Cooler climates will encourage a prolonged wreath life. 

If your wreath ends up suffering from the humidity, I can come & refresh your wreath with fresh ingredients. I have your wreath baby covered. Text me @ 567-208-8214.

Front Doors: they will do MUCH better on a front door that is in the shade than one in blazing sun baking your poor live ingredients all day long. BUT if you really want a wreath and you have a door that is in direct sunlight, we can talk about refreshes as need be. I want event the hottest Floridian home to experience the fresh holiday greenery joys!

I believe florals should be kept as waste-free as humanly possible. When your wreath ingredients have done their time, feel free to drop the “bones” back off to me for me to re-use, OR we can talk about a new design to keep your wreath in use all season long with greenery, florals, dried ingredients, etc.

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Show your Cob & Pen server your payment confirmation upon completion to have them mark your wreath as sold. lease call or text 567-208-8214, DM @veiledladyfloral on instagram, or email me veiledladyfloral@gmail.com to coordinate me delivering your wreath to you. The reason I don't have you leave with it right then, it because it will unbalance the hanging display. Thank you! <3