At Veiled Lady, the goal is to use the precious cut flowers I receive in the most energy-efficient, nature-aware way possible. Many people turn to fake flowers as an alternative to fresh flowers thinking that the waste is less as real flowers die quickly. This pains me.

At Veiled Lady, I strive to make my flowers only leave goodness. Our tags can be replanted in the ground to grow wildflowers, the brown paper wrapping the flowers can be recycled, and for all weddings & events, I strongly suggest, if not enforce, me coming the next day to collect the florals. I then donate them to somewhere that would not typically receive flowers, my favorite being dog shelters, or a location that is close to your heart (for more eyes to lie upon). My delivered blooms come with instructions in order to make the florals live to their fullest potential- with food, trimming, & water instructions. I also am a strong advocate for the #slowflowers movement - using American-grown wholesale flowers, and the technique of foraging for natural ingredients found in the local landscape. As much as possible, I try to use potted plants, instead of cut flowers- eliminating waste, and also giving the roots of the cut plant, a second & thriving life. Using what is here for us in America & paying attention to seasonality cuts back on gas from long travels, not knowing the working conditions of those in the field trimming your cut flowers, and knowing that your flower babies will have a longer lifespan (American grower to me vs. foreign grower flown far to wholesaler, sitting there for a week, then sent to me). 

We are also working on adding some functionality to making part of the cost of weddings, and larger orders go directly to charities whom love back on the environment. 


Design Details

A wedding bouquet isn't just thrown together - it requires a balanced eye, paying attention to highs and lows, stimulating an interesting view from all angles, working the emotions of colorful influence, and realizing how much our created art-form can impact emotion. Picturing how this will look from a viewfinder, and from someone sitting in their isle seat, everything we do focuses on design techniques, while also pushing the envelope on everything that has been done prior to YOUR floral style.


A background in visual communication design helps with the process of creating centerpieces, a bridal bouquet, the overall vision & goal of flowers at your wedding, and the artistic approach to creating floral designs with intention.