Veiled Lady focuses on doing the best possible job to use seasonal ingredients, fab not drab (rad not stiff, unique not expected), & respecting, loving, caring, & appreciating the environment & all creation. Veiled Lady practices the alchemy of changing the surpassed into the awe-inspiring.


Veiled Lady's designs are bold, whimsically weird, fresh, & lovely. They strive to convince every eye they meet to reconsider the miracle that these things from the ground can possess. Veiled Lady Floral not only uses florals, but pays attention to the possibility of creating with anything from the ground- moss, twigs, fruit & vegetables, herbs, and grasses (uniqueness is limitless).



Flowers have a direct impact on the aura of your wedding day. When else can you become fully submersed into a floral environment extravaganza? When else can you transport all of your friends and family into a world that you create for the day that your love has built. At Veiled Lady, we are sick of cookie cutter weddings, tight blooms, and stuffy wedding rules. We believe in matching your taste (while helping you discover what that truly is) with our highest quality blooms, and most magical designs.





The Veiled Lady is an exquisite mushroom, fyi.


photos 1 shot by Ashley Cheshire